Youth Goals

Inclusive societies

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Enable and ensure the inclusion of all young people in society.

One third of young people in Europe are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Many do not have access to their social rights. Many continue to face multiple discrimination, experience prejudice and hate crimes. New migratory phenomena brought several social and inclusion challenges. Therefore, it is crucial to work towards the fulfillment of the rights of all young people in Europe, including the most marginalised and excluded.


  • Provide legal protection and enforce international legal instruments to fight against all kinds of discrimination and hate speech, recognising that young people are subjected to multiple forms of discrimination.
  • Strengthen outreach of information to marginalised young people, to ensure they are aware of spaces, opportunities and experiences available to them.
  • Ensure that all marginalised young people have equal access to formal and non-formal learning environments, addressing all the dimensions of inclusion.
  • Strengthen the capacities of educators to work with marginalised young people.
  • Provide more spaces, opportunities, resources and programmes to foster dialogue and social cohesion, and combat discrimination and segregation.
  • Strengthen social support by implementing the right to a living wage, fair work condition, universal access to quality health care, and ensure specific measures for marginalised young people.
  • Ensure that marginalised young people are participating in all decision-making processes and are key players, particularly in processes concerning their own rights, wellbeing and interests.