Youth Dialogue Events

Youth Dialogue Events

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The EU Youth Dialogue involves events and activities at local, regional and national level. The Youth Dialogue Events are diverse – from national events to local meetings across the street, it’s all there.

At the Youth Dialogue Events you will discuss the topics of the EU Youth Dialogue with other young people and with decision makers from politics and administration. In this way, those who are politically responsible learn what you think and what is important to you. They can then take your demands into account in their political decisions. The EU Youth Delegates also take the results to the EU Youth Conferences. This way you can bring in your ideas and visions at EU level too!

Call for participation

We are currently looking for partners throughout Germany to conduct offline or online dialogues using the “Young people bet that…” method. At these events, young people discuss with political decision makers on an equal footing and work out solutions to improve the situation of young people. In the end, participating politicians and young people make bets and thus commit themselves to realising concrete ideas. The participants later make a public statement on whether they have won or lost the bets.

You want to participate in an EU Youth Dialogue Event or need support?

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