EU Youth Conferences

EU Youth Conferences

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Inga Israel/DBJR (CC0)

The EU Youth Conferences bring together EU Youth Delegates and political decision-makers – e.g. representatives from the youth ministries of the EU Member States holding the trio presidency or representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament. Together and on an equal footing they discuss the demands and wishes of young people in the EU.

Political decision-makers can then incorporate these demands and wishes in their political decisions and feed them e.g. into Council documents. In this way, European and national policies can be better shaped in the interests of young people and youth participation can be strengthened.

Read more about the EU Youth Conference in the explanatory video. Watch it.

The topic & the dates

The 10th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue runs from 1 July 2022 to 31 Dezember 2024. The EU Youth Conferences will take place in Spain, Bilgium and Hungary under the title “We need youth”:


1-4 Oktober 2023 in Spain



Winter/Spring 2024



Fall/Winter 2024