EU Youth Delegates

EU Youth Delegates

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These are the EU Youth Delegates from Germany for the 10th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue, which runs from 1 July 2023 to 31 December 2024. During this time they will discuss with political decision makers from the EU but also from Germany about the issues that are important to you. In this way, political leaders will get to know your ideas and demands.

The EU Youth Delegates take the demands and concerns of young people in Germany to the EU Youth Conferences and discuss them with political decision makers, such as the youth ministers of the EU member states and representatives of the European Commission. The political decision makers can incorporate these demands and concerns of young people from the EU in their decisions, for example in the conclusions and resolutions of the Council of the EU.


“Hello, I am Katja, I am 26 years old. I have been learning German sign language for a few years. For me it is a great example of inclusion. That means that all people should have the same opportunities, whether they are disadvantaged or not. That way they can have a better life.

Sign language has given me a new view of the world. Everything is a bit more colourful for me now. Inclusion can help us all to be more open and understand other ways of life. Languages are only one way to achieve inclusion.

I have been involved in youth dialogue for a long time and used to be part of the jump team. Now as an EU Youth Representative, I will attend even more events and travel to youth conferences in Spain, Belgium and Hungary. I am really looking forward to it! When I meet with other young people, I am always excited and motivated to get more involved.

I am really looking forward to my role as EU Youth Representative and I am curious about what is to come. Feel free to get involved! Send us messages and your ideas, take part in our events and workshops and invite us as EU youth representatives or the jump team. See you soon!



Hey hey, I’m Thomas, 19 years old and currently living in Heidelberg. I’m doing my voluntary service at the railway station mission and will be moving to Freiburg at the end of the year to study law.

I’m really looking forward to spending the next 18 months as one of your EU youth representatives in Germany and Europe, taking your perspectives, impressions and demands with me and standing up for a strong young voice.

I am particularly looking forward to talking to you and learning more about your views. It is very important to me that everyone can contact me if they need to talk. That’s why I ask you to write to me on Insta (@zhou_thom) or by email ( if you need to.

A quick word about my motivation:

When I was 14, I first started to stand up for the interests of young people as a class representative. What started on a small scale, I later continued as a student representative and also as a youth ambassador for the Global Education Campaign.

One essential thing I have continuously noticed during this time is that young people are not only motivated, but also capable. Of course, everyone has their own story, their own individual interests and abilities. But often, unfortunately, it is external circumstances that hold back this potential.

For this reason, we need strong voices of young people who can effectively communicate their needs and demands and in the end also assert them.

Would you like to share your concerns and ideas with the EU Youth Delegates or simply get in touch with them?


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