EU Youth Delegates

EU Youth Delegates

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These are the EU Youth Delegates from Germany for the 8th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue, which runs from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021. During this time they will discuss with political decision makers from the EU but also from Germany about the issues that are important to you. In this way, political leaders will get to know your ideas and demands.

The EU Youth Delegates take the demands and concerns of young people in Germany to the EU Youth Conferences and discuss them with political decision makers, such as the youth ministers of the EU member states and representatives of the European Commission. The political decision makers can incorporate these demands and concerns of young people from the EU in their decisions, for example in the conclusions and resolutions of the Council of the EU.


“My name is Wendla, I’m 18 years old and I come from Bremen, where I’ll be doing my Abitur next year. Who has never rolled his eyes at the word politics or suddenly felt very small and powerless? Many certainly have, me too! As EU Youth Representative, I would like to encourage people from all social backgrounds to engage in dialogue with political decision makers so that we can talk about our wishes and needs, find compromises and act together. I want to show that politics is not something abstract that happens on a higher level, but something lively, changeable, in which we young people can play a part. After the “WHAT- we want” was worked out with the Youth Goals, I really want to look at the “HOW” and find concrete ways of implementation together. As class spokesperson and member of the pupils’ representative body of my school, I have learned to represent the opinions and wishes of others in a democratic way. As EU Youth Representative I would like to apply and expand this experience and see myself as a multiplier and mediator between different opinions and levels. Outside of school I am active with the Bremer Jugendring, with whom I developed and ran an integrative holiday camp, among other things. In the 12th grade, together with a classmate, I initiated the environmental project “FAIR-Ändern”, which is supported by the Bremer Jugendring. In my free time I love to be out in nature with friends, reading, making music and dancing”.


“My name is Annalena, I’m 21 years old and I study educational science and political science in Wuppertal. In my free time I am involved in various ways as a volunteer, for example in the THW youth organisation. My aim in the Youth Dialogue is to introduce and represent the ideas and demands of young people from Germany on the European level. It is particularly important to me that all young people have the opportunity to participate in and help shape political decision-making processes. I would like to play my part in raising young people’s interest in the European Union and showing what participation opportunities exist for young people at EU level.”




“My name is Max and I am 23 years old. My main occupation is studying philosophy and physics as a combined bachelor in Berlin. I am also involved in the Association of Christian Scouts, where I am a board member of the VCP Berlin-Brandenburg. In addition, I help out in my local group in Berlin Kreuzberg again and again, when there is need for man power (or Max power). In the grassroots youth work of the VCP I have learned how important a transparent and constructive dialogue is for achieving common goals. This dialogue must also offer easy opportunities for participation for all. In my time as EU Youth Representative, I would like to work to ensure that the EU’s dialogue with its youth becomes such a dialogue and that the interests of young people are taken more into account at EU level. It is also important that young people understand better how the EU works. My hope is that this will further strengthen the cooperation in the European Community”.

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