EU Youth Delegates

EU Youth Delegates

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These are the EU Youth Delegates from Germany for the 9th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue, which runs from 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2023. During this time they will discuss with political decision makers from the EU but also from Germany about the issues that are important to you. In this way, political leaders will get to know your ideas and demands.

The EU Youth Delegates take the demands and concerns of young people in Germany to the EU Youth Conferences and discuss them with political decision makers, such as the youth ministers of the EU member states and representatives of the European Commission. The political decision makers can incorporate these demands and concerns of young people from the EU in their decisions, for example in the conclusions and resolutions of the Council of the EU.


“I am Sakiye, 18 years old and I especially enjoy learning new things with new people. Apart from that, I like to be involved in theatre and other organisations.

I can personally relate to the European Youth Goal #3 “Inclusive Societies” because a lot of my motivation and energy comes from it. In short, I wish youth participation was more diverse and accessible. I also like the European Youth Goal #10 “Sustainable green Europe”. This is about an international responsibility that all people worldwide have to keep the future worth living.

One of my personal goals is not to speak for other people, but to encourage them to speak for themselves and to learn a lot themselves. Many young people are already interested in and committed to political decisions, but as far as actual influence is concerned, there is still a long way to go. With more voices and new impressions, I am convinced that this can become really good! I am very much looking forward to my role as EU youth representative and I am curious about what is to come”.


“My name is Wiebke, I am 20 years old and I am studying to be a teacher of English and Spanish in Thuringia. On the side, I have been involved in working with children and young people for a few years. Especially with my career aspirations, it is central to go beyond the boundaries of pure educational work and empower young people to realise their own ideas and wishes. I also hope for such a process in youth dialogue. It is important to me not to act as a mouthpiece for young people, but as a mediator of their interests and ideas. I also hope that as many different young people from different regions of Germany as possible will become more interested in the European Community and European cohesion by realising that their voice counts.

I am looking forward to bringing the European Youth Goal #10 “Sustainable green Europe” to the forefront, especially in the rural regions of Germany, and to talk to young people about European future perspectives in terms of sustainability. I am sure that the EU Youth Conferences will also bring together many good ideas that we can tackle together to shape the EU the way young people want it to be.”


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