About us

About us

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Organising and developing youth participation is our goal. We listen to you and forward your ideas, concerns, demands and wishes to political decision-makers.

You have a request, a demand or would like to give us feedback? Contact us!

EU Youth Dialogue Team

Phone: +49-30-40040-441

Mail: jugenddialog[at]dbjr.de


Marie Wilpers (Head)

Phone: +49-30-40040-442

Mail: marie.wilpers[at]dbjr.de


Melanie Schütz (Policy Officer)

Phone: +49 30 40040-440

Mail: melanie.schuetz[at]dbjr.de


Daria Strokan (Collaborator)

Phone: +49-30-40040-441

Mail: daria.strokan[at]dbjr.de


We can usually be reached from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00.