This is the EU Youth Dialogue

EU Youth Dialogue

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In the EU Youth Dialogue, young people can engage in dialogues with political decision makers and talk about their concerns and demands. The EU Youth Dialogue takes place at all levels and in many ways: at EU youth conferences, in Europe-wide surveys, at nationwide events, in projects of youth organisations or at events in the neighbourhood.

The EU Youth Dialogue is all about what’s important to young people. Political decision makers learn about young people’s concerns and demands and can take them into account in their political decisions. This is an opportunity for young people to participate in political decision making.

Explanatory video: The EU Youth Dialogue

In this video we explain the EU Youth Dialogue and how young people can bring their ideas and demands into the political process.


EU Youth Dialogue: the cycle

For 18 months the EU Youth Dialogue focuses on one topic. Within these 18 months, young people talk to political decision makers about this topic and things that are important to them. Together they find solutions to problems and develop new ideas. Political decision-makers then can include and implement these ideas in their political decisions. This participation processes can improve the situation of young people in the European Union.

1 cycle = 1 topic = 1 Youth Goal

Ein Zyklus = 18 Monate = Zwei Europäische Jugendziele

The 10th cycle of the Youth Dialogue runs from 1 July 2023 to 31 Dezember 2024. The title of the 10th cycle is “We need youth”. During the 18 months we want to realise and implement Youth Goal #3 “Inclusive societies”.