jump Team

jump Team

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Icon: Inga Israel/DBJR (CC0)

jump – the Young Multiplier Team – are young people from all over Germany. The jump members volunteer their time to give young people a voice in the EU Youth Dialogue.

The jump team discusses, explains and listens. The team goes for example to youth groups, youth associations, youth clubs, schools and universities. There it organises small Youth Dialogue events, such as workshops or discussion rounds, on current Youth Dialogue topics. jump gives young people the chance to express their opinions, develop ideas and formulate demands.

The members of the jump team will be happy to come to you and plan a small workshop, a part of your group lesson or a discussion in your youth club. It is your decision whether you set the topics or the jump team comes up with them.

Results: Wherever the jump team goes, it takes results and passes them on. In this way, the concerns and ideas of young people from all over Germany are being collected and can then be discussed with political decision makers.

Have a look at the map of Germany!

Would you like to see where the jump members are active or would you like to invite the team to your association, your group lesson, your youth centre, to your friends, your school or university?

Write to us!


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