Youth Goals

Information and constructive dialogue

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Ensure young people have better access to reliable information, support their ability to evaluate information critically and engage in participatory and constructive dialogue.

Young people experience difficulties to verify the accuracy and reliability of information. They need to be more adequately equipped to navigate the media landscape and to participate in constructive dialogue.


  • Empower young people to be critical and responsible users and producers of information.
  • Ensure young people have the ability to recogniseand report repeatedly misleading news and verify the accuracy of news sources used.
  • Ensure young people have the ability to recognise and report hate speech and discrimination online and offline.
  • Ensure young people can engage in respectful, tolerant and non-violent dialogue, online and offline.
  • Ensure easy access to understandable youth-friendly information that follows codes of ethics and quality standards.
  • Ensure parents and carers, and all those involved with educating and training young people are equipped with media and digital literacy skills and that they are reliable information sources for young people.